Wine tasting evening, June 25

It’s wine o’clock!

I’M running a fun wine-tasting evening with the Sexual Violence Centre, Cork on Thursday June 25.  We’ll be sipping from a long list of wines that I think will light yer candle – accompanied by some top-class tasty treats courtesy of Bridget Healy and Vourneen Fayer. Yay!

For years, Mary Crilly and myself have been promising ourselves we’d do a tasting in (and for) the Sexual Violence Centre, so I’m thrilled skinny that it’s finally happening. You may be interested yourself. And/or if you know anyone who might be, please pass on a link to this page.

It’s all taking place in the airy first-floor rooms of the Centre’s home – a beautiful 18th century townhouse on Camden Place, the terrace of red-brick houses on Camden Quay just off St Patrick’s Bridge in Cork. By the way, the satirist and mischief-making rascal Sylvester Mahony (aka Fr Prout) was born on the same terrace in 1804 but I’m not sure which house. Anyway, this is a rare opportunity to see this lovely building from the inside, which is another bonus.

Untrellised bush vines

Where the wines come from...

The words “wine tasting” have many, many meanings so I’ll outline roughly what this one is all about. Everyone will be seated around tables (or, for the lucky few who get there early, sprawled on the cosy couches) and I’ll introduce six or eight reds, whites and rosés as well as some cool bubbles  —  the ones that don’t have the word ‘property’ in front of them.

I will be talking a bit about each wine while trying to avoid telling people what to think. I’ll also be chatting around some themes that can help us choose wines that are both good and good value.  (Plus, if it doesn’t complicate things too much, I might be getting people to engage in a fun and practical exercise designed to help us reassert the pre-eminence of our senses over the say-so of critics and commentators like myself).

It’ll most closely resemble a sociable few drinks (albeit with one guy holding forth a bit. That’d be me).  At the same time, it may be a useful exercise in reasserting some key guidelines when you are out buying wine. There’ll be printouts available at the end of the night detailing all the wines and where to get them, so people don’t have to be fussed getting the details at the time. Plus I’ll do a follow-up here online with references to any information that people are interested in. Which means we can all relax and enjoy the night.

Wine shelves
…and where we can buy them

I can’t stand the undue reverence that is often paid to wine, and do everything I can to demolish that. But we will be drinking good tack on the night. And the wines will be shown off at their best as we’ll be serving them in great big Bordeaux-style glasses rather than  those wretched ISO egg-cup-sized yokes. Life’s too short.

The event is taking place to raise funds for, and awareness of, the Sexual Violence Centre which for 26 years has been providing support for survivors of sexual violence. It also offers outreach such as its schools education programmes, and is an active participant in the anti-trafficking campaign. Apart from the funds raised by the evening, just by gathering in that building I think we’ll all be offering our unspoken support for the people who provide these vital services.

Wine Tasting Evening with Blake Creedon
Thursday June 25,  (start time 7.30pm or 8pm – TBC)
Sexual Violence Centre, Camden Quay, Cork.
Tickets (€25) from 021 4505577 or from

For years, Mary Crilly and myself have been promising ourselves we’d do one, so I’m thrilled skinny that it’s finally happening. You may be interested yourself. And/or if you know anyone who might, please pass on a link to this page.


2 Responses

  1. That’s not far short of a manifesto. Fair play to you. I don’t think I’ll be able to come along on Thursday, but I will spread the word as best I can for the cause.

    The supply of tastings in Cork is beginning to acknowledge the demand for them. Curious Wines have been at it hammer and tongs lately, organizing events to show their wines informally to an appreciative public; and I know one or two other independent merchants here have rabbits a-breeding in their hats. For pulling out of them anon.

  2. […] There’s a tasting in Cork this Thursday 25th at the Sexual Violence Centre.  It’s a fund-raiser hosted by Examiner journalist Blake Creedon, whose enormous enthusiasm for wine is never obscured by off-putting nonsense.  If you read this in time and can go, you should.  It’ll be an entertaining and informative event – and provides a rare opportunity to see inside one of the impressive red-brick townhouses of Camden Place.  More information is available from Blake’s own blog. […]

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