CONGRATULATIONS to Michael Kane and Curious Wines which has just won the prize for Best Ecommerce Site at the Irish Web Awards 2009.  It’s a great achievement for the site, the online presence of the wine warehouse of that name in Bandon, Co Cork.

Curious Wines website

Curious Wines website

When I first discovered it, the site worked so perfectly that I ended up poking it with a sharp stick, trying to find faults. But faults there were none. (This is akin to looking for faulty wines at Portuguese wine tastings which I invariably do, to no avail. But that’s another story). Comprehensive information and clean, fast-loading pages sold me on the virtues of the site. But, crucially, they sell a very good range including some smashing value bottles. Plus they put the effort into running tastings — indeed they’re one of the three retailers co-hosting the Good Wine Show next month. More about that anon.

Sabrina Dent designed the site and great kudos are due to her for it. I discovered on her site that she is married to John Handelaar, who is behind Kildare Street, which won the award for the Best New Web Application or Service. Kildare Street is a magnificent voluntary project that’s offering accessible, transparent, searchable information about what your politicians are up to. Essentially, the site is doing some of the work our state should be doing, and which we should be demanding as a matter of course.

Respect due all round. ♦


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  1. Well said Sir. You have proved yourself discriminating and informative.

    I’m a bog-standard customer of Curious Wines. I’ve found that they sell good wines. But crucially, I’ve found that if I don’t like one of their wines, they will change it for me. So I can buy from Curious Wines with a level of confidence that I want.

    While I lived in UK, I discovered I could take a bottle back to Sainsburys if I didn’t like it. This came as a welcome shock and led to me buying more from them. There are bookshops that will take the book back if you don’t like reading it too. We consumers have great opportunities during this crisis to establish new expectations.

    I’m thrilled to have found Curious Wines and to have the pleasure of siting at home and ordering from Citizen Kanes

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