Drop of Port anyone?

I’M lying low for a week or so – have other fish to fry at the moment – but will be back posting fun and guff here before you can say trapstick. But I’m breaking radio silence to say I’m delighted to see the location chosen by the people behind The Good Wine Show for their publicity photo-shoot.

Good Wine Show pic312

Billy Forrester (Bubble Brothers), Micheal Kane (Curious Wines) and Joe Karwig (Karwig Wines) launching The Good Wine Show at Cork Bonded Warehouse. Pic: Gerard Mcarthy

Many people are surprised to discover the ancient low-slung building lurking behind the Port of Cork sign (visible as you drive up from Tivoli, or indeed sail up the river Lee) is not only a working warehouse, but is the Cork Bonded Warehouse, as the peeling lettering along the side proclaims.  It’s one of the nodes through which all imported alcohol must pass, all under the watchful eye of the excise man when he’s not chasing poteen makers.

TheWhiskeysofIrelandOf course alcohol made here in Ireland has to go into bond too. Which reminds me: If you’ve any interest in Ireland, history, society, strong drink or any of the above, would you ever please get a copy of The Whiskeys of Ireland by Peter Mulryan [€25, O’Brien Press]. If the book were a competent history and appreciation of uisce beatha (and it is) it’d be worth a look. But it’s also an informative and thoroughly entertaining romp down the centuries, stuffed with some startling yarns (especially ones involving the excise man) and one big tantalising what-if from the DeVelara era regarding US Prohibition and Whiskey Galore…

Here endeth the digression.

The Good Wine Show, presented by Bubble Brothers, Curious Wines and Karwig Wines, is on in a few weeks’ time. It promises to be a fantastic opportunity to enjoy in its own right or (my preference) to get to grips with a selection from the portfolios of three bloody good wine Cork-based importers/retailers.  Suit yourself but do get there. Don’t forget too that on the following week O’Donovan’s present their ninth Cork Wine Fair in the same venue, and again I’d urge anyone around Cork interested in wine to drop along.

The Good Wine Show
– Friday November 13 from 3pm to 8pm
– Saturday November 14 from 11am to 4pm
Clarion Hotel, Lapp’s Quay, Cork.
Tickets €15 from any of the three promoters or online.

The Cork Wine Fair
– Thursday November 19 from 4pm to 9pm
Clarion hotel, Lapp’s Quay, Cork
Tickets €15 from any O’Donovans Off Licence.
Proceeds to Friends of Marymount.


3 Responses

  1. On the basis of that photo, I wouldn’t be messing with Billy! Five cases, ten, whatever, I’ll take them! – just don’t kill me!

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