Russell Crowe and the horse of Troy

YOU may have heard some minor fuss last week about Russell Crowe’s interview with Mark Lawson on BBC Radio 4’s Front Row. Lawson suggested Crowe’s accent in Robin Hood had ‘hints of Irish’ in it, to which Crowe replied, “you got dead ears, mate,” going on to say “beep,” and eventually stomping off in a huff.

Mark Lawson

The row is a bit more complicated – and the whole conversation a lot more interesting – than that. It’s well worth tuning into the whole programme here.

I like Crowe and love a few of his films, and think it would be a pity if the only thing he was remembered for last week was another of his angry moments. He could do with learning to keep comments like Lawson’s in perspective. But at the same time I’d like to think that inadvertently this week’s spat might’ve provided a Trojan horse to bring Front Row to more people’s attention.

The items on this particular programme include an interesting interview with the screenwriters of Ashes To Ashes on how they are bringing the series to an end. And another of this week’s broadcasts spanned a live report from Cannes to an illustrated chat with composers of music for video games.  I’d suggest you check it out, along with this week’s Food Programme.  ♦


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