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WOAH! Just seen the details of a short snappy sale on at Curious Wines online or at their store near Smyths Toys at the Kinsale Road Roundabout* in Cork. I’d stongly suggest you check it out.

The sale, offering 30% off 30 wines for 30 hours (ie until 6pm Tomorrow, Saturday) includes a number of wines I’ve happily recommended at their normal price. Taking a third off wine that is already good quality and great value is my kind of sale.

Here’s a swift gallop through the ones I have suggested recently.

Gregorina Sangiovese Superiore 2008 Emilia-Romagna (€11.99 €8.99).

Star anise… celery… You’d swear bitterness was a pejorative or guilty secret but it’s a vital component of delicious flavours in all good  food and drink. It’s here playing a mouth-wateringly fragrant foil centre-stage in a beautifully-balanced herb-inflected sangiovese.

Borgo Magredo Prosecco Extra Dry NV (€16.99 €9.59).

One way the Champagne people have gotten away with their nonsense for a century is its customers have learned to expect some sort consistency. The variability of flavour and fun you might find in “Prosecco” down the years has done the reputation of those Italian sparklers no such favours – but happily this is changing rapidly.  This one is gorgeous, fresh and fruity.

Woodstock Shiraz Cabernet McLaren Vale 2006 (€14.99 €11.99)

Rich, swoony shiraz with a fabulous heady scent.

Cuvee Jean-Paul Sec Cotes de Gascogne (€8 €6.39)

It’s all very well to prattle on about overpriced wine (and I do). But on the other side of the coin is a slew of undervalued, overlooked wine styles, chief among them Portuguese vinho verde and this style from south west France – a fresh, delicious colombard ugni blanc blend. You don’t have to be recessionista to enjoy this wine. It rocks regardless of price, and I’d have been just as happy to recommend it during the so-called boom.

Chateau Bauduc Clos Blanc Sec 2007 (€16.99 €11.99)

White wine fashions come and go more rapidly than the tide. But really the interplay between firm zesty sauvignon and plush aromatic semillon in a well-made Bordeaux blanc is the business with shellfish. And I particularly love the assertive lemon and lime edge on this one.

* You may have heard of the traffic chaos this morning as some key roads around Cork including  the Kinsale Road / Ring Road interchange suddenly iced up.  Well getting your hands on these bargains won’t be an issue as you can pay for it now online and pick it up when the thaw comes.


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  1. Wow Blake, you’re on the ball! Firstly, thanks a million, extra voices always help spread the good word.
    Couple of small things (devil always in the detail!) to ensure no-one is misled:
    1) 30 hour sale is on 30 wines UP TO 30% off. We don’t artifically mark-up to mark down, ever, so we’ve gone 30% on 3 wines when you buy a case (12 bottles). Genuinely superb value, but just to clarify the 30% is limited. (One of the 30% wines is your Gregorina Sangiovese, €8.33/bottle when you buy a case – we got a terrific deal from the winery.) Every other wine has a MINIMUM of 20% off, many more than that.
    2) The Borgo Magredo included in the 30 wines/30 hours is the Frizzante, not the Spumante Extra Dry. The Extra Dry is on sale with 20% off until Christmas, so €13.59 (still brilliant value in our humbe opinion!). The Frizzante, normally €11.99, is €9.59 until Christmas but, like the Sangiovese, €8.33 and 30% off when you buy a case of 12. Again, great value, but it’s not the Spumante.
    3) Chateau Bauduc Bordeaux Blanc is normally €14.99 (as opposed to the €16.99 marked above) (sorry, pedantic I know, but just to be open on it!).
    Apart from that, everything else spot on, and (naturally) agree heartily with your suggestions! Thanks again, really appreciated.
    PS Kinsale Road roundabout and South Ring are now clear (but we do deliver, yes!).
    Cheers 🙂

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