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Beers from Ireland, the UK and beyond at Bradley's off-licence.

THREE cheers for the growing availability of good English beers from the likes of Adnams and Hepworth. It comes hand-in-hand with the flowering of small local breweries here in Ireland, bookended by breweries in Carlow and Dungarvan.

Set up in the mid-90s, Carlow Brewing Company (also known as O’Haras) is the godfather of this dynamic new wave, while the bonny baby of the bunch is Dungarvan Brewing Company. Just over a year old, the brewery is already bringing beery goodness to dozens of off-licences nationwide as well as picking up a bronze gong in the big international beer competition in London.

Although long a fan of mainland beer styles such as pils and wheat beers, I love the feeling of coming home to the stouts and ales back in Ireland and Britain. I’ll be returning to these occasionally here, and in the pages of the Irish Examiner Weekend.

Off-licences in Cork city and county stocking these include  the following.

The Abbot Ale House, Devonshire Street North; Bradley’s, North Main St; Barry’s, Midleton; McGovern’s, Ballyvolane; Moe’s, Youghal; O’Sullivan’s Ballincollig;  O’Sullivan’s, Blarney, and branches of O’Donovans countywide.

Mix'n'match special offer at Bradley's

Whether exploring wine or beer, I am particularly fond of Bradley’s on North Main Street in the city. Alongside the usual world labels you’d expect in any well-stocked bottle shop, they sell dozens of cracking beers from Ireland and the UK. And their four for a tenner mix.n.match deal offers further encouragement to try out the local beers of these islands.

My main focus, here and in real life, is on take-home drinks. But I need hardly mention that the combination of the right pub and the right beer is pure heaven. Pubs are also of course a vital part of the small brewery species’ ecosystem.  I love The Beer Revolution blogger’s  criteria  for a good pub. You may not agree with every point, but it might provoke a few useful thoughts about what the hell we’re doing when we go into a pub.

Some of the Irish and British beers at Bradley's

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