About this blog

As of October 2012, I am no longer drinks columnist with the Irish Examiner Weekend. See the home page of this blog for more details. I’m leaving much of the info I posted here in case it might be helpful. Thank you. 

This blog started as an extension to the columns about beer, wine and cider I used to contribute to The Irish Examiner up until October 20, 2012. I’ve quit those columns, and there’s a post over here explaining some of the details.

As an extension of this ‘about’ section, I put up a comprehensive post about my approach over here.  I’ve left it up in case it’s of some use, albeit in a light grey font and interspersed with that great big tag pointing out I’m no longer a columnist on these topics.  

4 Responses

  1. Hi Blake,

    Welcome to the community ! I wish you every luck with the blog and I look forward to chatting with you about wine through the various media at some stage.



  2. Hi Blake

    Nice site,

    I’m back in Cork on the weekend of the 13th/14th Dec and would be delighted to meet up for a glass or 2 of the grape if you are around.

    Did you go to the Herbie Hancock gig?

    See you.


  3. looking good Blake. dowtcha etc…

  4. Malicious rumour or “chopper” variety factoid that you will be “Movembering” this year??

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